In their shoes project is youth exchange funded by the European Union. It is part of the Erasmus plus programme. Host organization is Para taekwondo klub Krijesnice while partners are Il Cassetto dei Sogni from Italy, Asociatia Babilon Travel from Romania and ArTeam from Bulgaria. 

Persons with disabilities are full-fledged citizens who enjoy the same rights as the rest of the population. They have an active role to play in our society, and this is especially true of young people with disabilities. However, the fact is that many young people with disabilities in Europe are still living in segregated systems. They still come up against a whole range of obstacles, barriers and prejudices. Sometimes they even experience clearly discriminatory situations where they are quite simply excluded from participation in activities. Youngsters with disabilities are the young people who are in greatest need of support, back-up and special attention if they are to find their way in society. 

This project was developed with the main aim to stimulate the social inclusion of young people with disabilities as well as to create a bridge between different social groups and build better mutual comprehension and dialogue.

Project objectives are:

– To support interaction and development of understanding, tolerance and acceptance between young people with and without disability;

– To encourage expression, discussing common values and finding common interests as a channel to establish quality dialogue and cooperation between the participants;

– To increase the knowledge of participants on how to communicate effectively as well as the significance of teamwork and cooperation, goal-setting, self-discipline, respect for others, and the importance of rules;

– To enable disadvantaged participants to take risks and learn how to manage failure and success in a safe and supportive environment;

– To increase intercultural awareness of the participants, their sense of belonging to the same EU community as well as to develop their language skills;

– To promote Erasmus+ Programme and its Inclusion and Diversity Strategy.