Dear young people,

We are proud to present project results of Erasmus + project “Inspired by M. Arts”.
Inspired by M. Arts is Erasmus + KA 1 project funded by European Union.
Project coordinator is Para Taekwondo klub Krijesnice from Croatia while partners are ArTeam from Bulgaria, Babilon Travel from Romania and Društvo mladi Evropejci from Slovenia.

Dates of the project were 05.11. – 12.11.2021. in Zagreb, Croatia

Main source is a FB page made by participants where they have put all their project results and shared it from there: Inspired by M. Arts – Erasmus project
Please check out this page and be free to share it and it’s content and invite your friends to follow it.

Please find here official photo album from the project

And best part is participants presentation video where they have presented main idea of the project:
Inspired by M. Arts – Presentation Video

With this project we want to develop self-confidence and thankfulness, create healthy habits and encourage individual mental and personal growth through martial arts. According to many research papers and articles, martial arts and physical engagement lead to higher morale, work rate, memory, cognitio, motor skills and other skills and accomplishments. These positive impacts can especially be seen in young people with disabilities or fewer opportunities who opt for this kind of training.

Be free to share project results anywhere you want 🙂