Dear young people,

We are proud to present project results of Erasmus + project “The art of self-expression”. The art of self-expression is Erasmus + KA 1 project funded by European Union. Project coordinator is Para Taekwondo klub Krijesnice from Zagreb, Croatia while partners are WalkTogether from Sofia, Bulgaria and Asociatia Babilon Travel’s (ABT) from Romania. 

Dates of the project were 26.10. – 02.11.2020. in Zagreb, Croatia

First of all participants made FB page where they have put all their project results and shared it from there: The Art of self-expression

Please check out this page and be free to share it and it’s content and invite your friends to follow it.

Here you can find official photo album from the project 

And the most interesting project results are 8 self-expression videos made by participants, where they created martial art choreographies on music of their own choices.

The art of Self-expression – Group 1

The art of Self-expression – Group 2

The art of Self-expression – Group 3

The art of Self-expression – Group 4

The art of Self-expression – Group 5

The art of Self-expression – Group 6

The art of Self-expression – Group 7

The art of Self-expression – Group 8

Creating self-expression and joy in one’s life is important to health and mental well-being. We as humans learn to release negative thoughts and emotions by putting these emotions into productive and creative venues. However, many people with disabilities and fewer opportunities can have trouble communicating. Art and creativity helps those individuals to express themselves when communication is challenging. Through self-expression, young people can immerse themselves in a creative activity that stimulates and energizes the mind, combats depression, and helps them to feel more in control of their life.

Project objectives of the project, which we together successfully accomplished were:

– To encourage self-expression of the participants (expressing own thoughts and, feelings) through practicing martial arts;
– To increase focus and self control of the participants;
– To increase mental strength of the participants which allowed them to tackle problems better;
– To foster better understanding of important character traits like integrity and courtesy;
– To help participants with their social skills and their ability to connect with other people;
– To increase intercultural competences of participants, the common values of tolerance and respect as well as the sense of common European identity;
– To increase knowledge of participants of Erasmus+ programme.

Be free to share everything and enjoy our project results.
Stay happy and healthy!