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We bring you the results of the Erasmus plus Youth Exchange project “Taekwondo for everyone”. This project took place in Zagreb from September 14-21, involving 45 young people with special needs and fewer opportunities.

Through various presentations and exercises, in 8 days young people were introduced to Taekwond as a skill to strengthen their body, spirit and confidence. The participants learned this in a safe, friendly and fun way in an international environment where they developed other skills such as English language communication and cultural skills.

You can see the atmosphere of the project in our photo gallery at the link: CLICK HERE

This project is funded by the European Union and is part of the Erasmus plus programme and includes young people from Italy, Bulgaria and Croatia. The organizer of the project is the Taekwondo Club Maksimir, which is one of the active clubs in Paralympic sports and activities. Partners on the project are Istituto dei Sordi di Torino from Italy and WalkTogether from Bulgaria.

The reason for implementing this project is the inclusion of people with disabilities and fewer opportunities in society, giving them the opportunity to learn tools and a range of skills that will help them develop their physical and social skills.

The objectives of the project Taekwondo for all are:

– Empower participants with disabilities and / or fewer opportunities with key competences and skills and help them see themselves as strong and important members of the community

– Raise public awareness of the importance of including people with disabilities in society

– Raise awareness of taekwondo as an exercise / martial arts training that improves balance, mobility, endurance and strength not only for healthy people but also for people with disabilities.

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Taekwondo klub Maksimir