I have participated in project Play together, play well that took place in my hometown – Zagreb. When I first heard about the program, I was a bit skeptical beacuse I am usually a shy person and, as I have said, not at all into sports. But when I saw similar programes that were organized by the Erasmus +, I have changed my mind. Mostly because the participants are my age and they share the same struggles and stories. Understanding and compassion are crucial to me, which I obtained plenty by being a part of the project.

I was pretty thrilled to meet some new people that I share a lot with and I couldn’t wait to show them around town. Of course, not everything was fun and games. During the day we had martial arts activities where we have learnt how to defend ourselves. I am not a sporty person, so this experience was new and exiting for me. We had to train hard, cooperate and stay concentrated. Boxing, karate and taekwando made me feel more energized and fullfilled. I had this incredible sense of being proactive and that I was doing something for myself, in the most pleasant environment. Also, the mentors are really kind and supportive.

The first day, it was a bit awkward because I didn’t really knew anyone but that soon changed because our first activity was teambuilding. We laughed a lot, and the tasks were really fun. I got to meet people that I am still in contact with while improving my knowlegde of English. I have tried foreign sweets and learnt some Bulgarian and Romanian words. While we were doing other activities, we had to often work together and learn how to communicate better. Sometimes even accept to be a sore loser! Apart from pyshical activites, this programme was more about exepting who we are, learning about our identity and sharing the experience with people who care and understand us.

It was an amazing encounter! Thank you all for everything!!
On this link you can find more about our project

Nela Tukić